Chance Encounters

Chance EncountersLooking back, more often than not, I sort of had a hunch that something was in the air, something was about to happen. I did not know what, or who it might be, but there was an extra charge that surrounded everything.

So, I had seen him infrequently before. He would briefly stop by. We would engage in the typical, polite small talk , nothing more. Very run of the mill, fade into the background kind of stuff. But on that fateful day, I could just tell- it was going to be something more, something substantial, something that would change everything. The first difference I noticed that day was his timing. Normally he popped in on Friday after five. He usually had a companion, not always the romantic sort, but always female, and always attractive. Then I saw him walk in on a Wednesday, shortly after lunchtime, and he was flying solo. Well okay, I thought. The day just got interesting. So we greeted one another, he seemed different. More forward, persistent, flirtatious for sure, but also more relaxed, funny, and definitely more attentive. He seemed to hang on every word I said, and vice versa. The rapport between us was intoxicating yet so effortless. We were definitely “clicking”. This was so exciting. And then he said he had a couple of tickets to tomorrow night’s basketball game, and then with a humble, boyish charm that totally caught me off guard, he asked if I would like to go with him. I coyly accepted. By the time I got home that night, I knew in my marrow that this was real and significant. We had connected. Had he planned this? It seemed like it. But why? I wasn’t quite sure, but I fully intended to find out!

So, he picked me up promptly the following evening. He smelled great. He looked great. He had a cool car. We talked, and joked, and made each other laugh the entire drive. The chemistry between us was undeniable! And the rest of the evening continued just like that. He was a gentleman. He really listened when I talked. We got each other’s sense of humor, we liked the same things, and he looked me right in the eyes the whole time. It was like we were the only two people in the room. I felt like I was floating on a cloud after a few glasses of champagne! I did not want this evening to end. When it did, my neck was on fire, my hands trembled, I felt light-headed. He asked if he could kiss me, I don’t remember saying yes. Evidently I did, because he leaned in, and we kissed one another, and that kiss had so much fire, and desire, and promise, and passion, and connection. We were letting our instincts guide us and they were leading us right where we wanted to be. It was not easy, but I had to break the spell and say goodnight. Not that I got much sleep that night. I had met a great guy. We had an undeniable connection, and neither of us were afraid of it. On the contrary, we threw caution to the wind and jumped right in.


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