DIY baby

DIY, Do It  Yourself, it’s who we are, yeah? Our sense of independence flows through our veins just as our blood does. We are after all, descendants of the pilgrims, pioneers, frontiersman, and hunter gatherers who crossed the land bridge! We do what needs to be done, and we do it better than anyone else.

More and more each day, that desire to be self-sufficient gets a little watered down. You look around, and it’s easy to see why. Technology can do just about anything for us. We can control the climate in our homes with a smartphone. GPS has made reading a map seem as obsolete as the covered wagon. Apps are available that; let you know where the nearest, clean restroom is, keep track of your ovulation cycle, help you sleep better, translate foreign languages, and find a suitable babysitter! I mean, don’t we do anything for ourselves anymore?? 

I’m not anti-technology or anything. My phone and tablet are always within arms reach. And I know all these things were created for our convenience, and to make our lives easier.

But too much ease and convenience breeds complacency. Then you get their loathsome relatives coming in; Passive  and Helpless. With hard work comes satisfaction, self-confidence, and knowledge. Our struggles become our strength. Our sweat becomes our skills. And skills provide us with a purpose, a value, and a place in society. Those things are priceless. We should never let anyone take that away from us. And we certainly  should not give them away.